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“Working with James on this programme eliminated my back pain, helped me re-learn how to move and improve my day to day movement. My lower back pain was a constant discomfort that I had become so used to i had begun to feel it was normal. James was quickly able to assess the problem and set a programme that was easy for me to fit into my life and also interstate into my working day. This has been truly life changing i am ever thankful and can’t recommend it enough to any one.” - Matt Foster

“I first discovered Foundation Training a year ago, in part because it had been conceived by an American chiropractor, but also the science and physiology that he refers to which I have seen in my practise over the past 20 years. Since January with the help of James and learning Foundation Training I have transformed my lower back. No longer plagued with end of day back ache, I feel more resilient and stronger in those all-important posterior muscles. My posture generally is better as well as my breathing and fitness. 

I’m very impressed with James’s knowledge and expertise and I am always very happy to refer my patients to him, so they too can benefit from this amazing system. Yoga and Pilates have their place, but I believe Foundation Training really gets to the crux of the problem, and offers those of us with back problems lasting self-help. Starting every day with a 15 minute Foundation Training workout, that one can do at home, just makes perfect sense.” - John Tillyard Registered Chiropractor

“After suffering from severe back and nerve pain from a previous surf injury I reached out to James to learn more about the possibilities of Natural Form Training. His training isn’t an on-off class, but it clearly paid out to be persistent. I successfully weaned off my medication without relapsing and even after overcoming my back pain I still stick with his training. Today I’m not only pain-free, but I also improved my overall fitness and surf performance. I highly recommend James and his training!” - Annette Zander

“Foundation training works. I used to have a bad back now I don’t. Foundation Training has given me a program to manage my back and keep it healthy. Working with James at Natural Form has really helped me to focus on the core techniques and getting the basics right which has transformed the effectiveness of my Foundation Training practice.” - Harvey Dawkins

“I am a Pilates and Yoga teacher and I came to Natural Form to help my surfing as I was struggling with a shoulder injury. I felt the benefits from the first class with James and have continued to feel stronger since. Natural Form really compliments Pilates and Yoga as it brings a different focus to the body, working with a unique way of decompressing the spine and using the breath. It is an absolute must for anyone with injuries or posture related pain. I have noticed big improvements in my alignment and muscle balance. It is a practise I will now always incorporate into my training. James is an excellent teacher with a calm, kind approach. He is alert to everybody’s individual needs, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Natural Form” - Nicky Rudd

“I found James at the beginning of 2018 – and the difference this has made to me physically and mentally is astonishing. I was struggling with the tail-end of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which had hit me for a second time after a 15-year gap. I knew that I was ready to push through the body aches, exhaustion and lack of faith in my own ability to move forward but I was stuck in boom and bust mode and no form of exercise enabled me to manage my energy levels consistently.

Natural Form has taught me how to work with my body to become progressively stronger without depleting my limited store of vitality and without causing myself pain. Best of all I rarely have to take time out just to get back to base level. I am doing so much more than I thought would be possible, including a very amateurish return to ‘running’ (more of a stately shuffle) and a much bigger job role. Life is good! Thank you James!

For me, Natural Form works because there is never a point when I absolutely cannot do at least an adaptation of a pose and feel some benefit. Exercise sequences evolve week by week. James talks us through the preparation, the mechanics and the outcomes so that the reasoning behind the (sometimes strange) activities falls into place, even though positive achievement may not be instant!” - June Barnes

“I was referred to James by a friend as I have had a lower back problem for many years. I was introduced to Foundation Training and I can safely say that this has changed my life and my concept of training. James is an amazing Trainer and puts you at ease straight away and have a few laughs along the way.  He has trained me for 6/7 months now and guided me through the Foundation Training, slowly at first, due to my back problem.

In this short period I am now stronger, more mobile and confident and certainly enjoying my training with him.  We now do circuit training always integrating it with Foundation Training which is the key!

One of the main things in my training life use to be running but I had to stop a few years ago, again because of my back.  James has recently got me running on the treadmill for very short periods showing me the correct technique and I can say I have no pain!!!  Onwards and upwards and hopefully will be running on the road again thanks to him.

Because of James and Foundation Training it is very rare I have any back pain which is amazing and I can now get on with the things I love doing. My life has changed for the better and the hard work we have both put in and for that I will always be grateful to you James!!” - Lynn Beman

“I was introduced to James and Foundation Training by my chiropractor. Having received treatment for sacroilliac joint misalignment and pain I was told that Foundation Training would not only get rid of my symptoms but it would also improve my general movement and stability. As a keen tennis player I am always looking to improve performance so I gave it a go.

I had a couple of private lessons with James and then joined the classes at UNA, Carbis Bay. James is a brilliant teacher and he really cares about his clients. The Foundation Training classes are super enjoyable! I have found everyone very friendly and like-minded. The foundation programme has helped my SI problem immensely.

Now that I have been part of the programme for a few months I can definitely feel the benefits. My body feels so much more flexible, toned and supple. Anyone, no matter if sports person or suffering any musculoskeletal ailments will benefit from Foundation Training. I can highly recommend James and Natural Form.” - Birte Hosken

“I've had back issues for years following disc problems, and until now have never found a way to exercise that strengthens my back without exacerbating things. I've been doing Foundation training with James for a few weeks, and am already taking a lot fewer painkillers and am feeling really positive that my back can be managed well enough for me to do gardening, dog-walking etc. and maybe even get back into running.

I had six one-to-one sessions to learn the basic techniques, and have been doing the classes for a couple of weeks. James is knowledgeable, sympathetic and pragmatic, and always lets me know if I shouldn't be pushing too hard with certain exercises (yet!). The classes are relaxed but very hard work - I can't make regular days due to varying commitments, but James is happy for me to come to whichever ones I can make. I thoroughly recommend the whole thing to anyone with back problems. ” - Ingrid Davis

“After over two years of debilitating shoulder and neck pain due probably to taking up weights at the age of 60 and being a tad over competitive, I had been put on constant pain relief and nerve relaxants and had multiple visits to physiotherapists, sports therapists and doctors.

I was unable to maintain upper body strength due to shoulder joint and muscle immobility and was beginning to think my active life might be coming to an end. It has taken some months but due to James' encouragement, expertise and professionalism, I am now returning to full strength and have regained more flexibility and have no pain. James has also been instrumental in improving my posture, core and attitude which enables me to build on my fitness regime.

I can honestly say I have not felt so well for 20 years. It takes work but this is imperative for me to enjoy the next 20 years in an active way. I unreservedly vouch for Natural Form and James' mentoring for all ages and abilities.  Just for the record ..... James is also the most authentic, humble and gifted health professional i have encountered. There's a lot of ego out there in this field and I'm just too old for that nonsense! - Tess Brown

“I can’t praise Natural Form highly enough! As a runner who suffers from back pain James has worked wonders in putting together suitable exercises to alleviate my back pain. I would highly recommend James and Natural Form to anyone who is suffering with lower back pain.” - Mickee Jelf

“I am an active person and I love to surf, free dive and spend time in the ocean. For the past 6-7 years I have however had a number of physical problems that have held me back. I have worked with many of different health and medical professionals who have all tried to treat my symptoms but have failed. I have been training with James learning the foundation training method for the past three months. I have already started to make great progress with problems that have struggled with for years. My body is moving better and I'm in less pain! Althought there is a way to go, for the first time I feel I'm making progress. I have hope! James himself is an excellent trainer. He is patient, listens to your concerns and has been able to adapt a training program to suit. I highly recommend Natural Form!” - Mark Pearce

“I have been doing Foundation Training with James at Natural Form for almost 8 weeks now. I have experienced a significant reduction in back pain as well as improvements in my posture, flexibility and balance. I would recommend Natural Form and Foundation training to anyone that is experiencing back pain!” - Julie Thornhill

“Having worked with James for several months, his Foundation Training programme has eliminated my back pain and also been pivotal in allowing me to engage with life more actively. In the first instance, strengthening my core and re-learning how to move was life-changing!  My lower back pain used to wake me if I turned over during the night, and I had given up gardening; I had to be very careful doing yoga, and I lived with back discomfort daily.

Before the six week programme was over, I took up an Intermediate Ballet class which I hadn't done since I was 19, started rock climbing again, and was happy to be pottering in the garden!  Other areas of pain from old injuries in my neck and shoulder started to heal as I learned to hold myself and move more sensibly. Since then I have given up yoga as some poses activated my back, and instead do my short routine of daily Foundation Training exercises which I know are fine-tuned to my back health. 

Back pain affects all aspects of one's life, and to be free is liberating. In ignorance I had thought I would live with back pain for ever, so James' gift of back strengthening and lengthening education lives with me every day instead! Continually assessing the individual needs of his clients and working sensitively and carefully, James creates the path which you can follow towards your full potential.  He is clearly personally invested in each person's journey, and draws on his vast knowledge of how the musculoskeletal system works. It was great to be inspired by James' own motivation and positive energy, and I now count him as a friend!” - Jacqui Riordan

“I was advised to see James at Natural Form by my chiropractor John Tillyard at Cornwall Chiropractic. I am less than young and have a range of injuries and issues affecting my back and shoulders. Several weeks on, working James and learning Foundation Training I have achieved things I would never have thought possible including kayaking!

James is attentive, kind and encouraging and the plan he teaches has the advantage of being able to be followed anywhere, with minimal equipment. I would recommend James unreservedly, my various aches and pains are improving significantly but, almost more importantly, I feel stronger, more confident and much more positive about my future health. You could not ask for a better teacher and mentor!” - Jill Lethbridge

“After just six sessions with James, my pain associated with sciatica began to improve! I was visiting Hayle for just two weeks, so James sent me home with exercises and a plan for increasing intensity of the work out as my back improved. It worked! I highly recommend James. He expertly assesses your particular needs and carefully customizes an exercise routine and some "dos and don'ts" for back care, that work very well with steady practice. This is not easy, but neither is back pain! Go to James and get to work. You won't regret it!” - Chrisanne Mitchell

“I've been doing the natural form program with James for almost 2 months now...the benefits and knowledge I have gained, not only from the program, but from James himself are massive! I love incorporating it into my daily routine and always look forward to my next session where we can push the boundaries! Make me stronger! And Wiser! He is the most dedicated and honest person I have ever met! Without him, his words and his guidance I'm 100% certain I would not be where I am today!!” - Benjamin Johns

“I have a long history of injuries to my spine, none requiring hospitalisation but most have had a detrimental impact on my well being and lifestyle. The complex nature of my issues combined with a recent severe episode made building a program for me quite a challenge for James, one which he has met with aplomb! I couldn't be happier with my progress, not that it has been easy. This program requires effort and commitment; if you are not motivated to work towards your own health then you should probably just stick with the limited range of help available through the NHS. I am doing both, as well as my own research on diet, sleep, and breath work.

I consider the Natural Form training regimes I use to be the centre piece of my recovery. And I must say that my recovery, though ongoing, is very encouraging. Several months ago I was spending most of my time lying down, trying to sleep (my night time sleep was always interrupted by my back discomfort) or just resting. I had given up surfing, my primary form of exercise, due to acute and severe spasms in my back. I was using strong prescription muscle relaxers and large doses of OTC pain meds to manage the situation and allow me to have any sort of limited normal life.

After regular and committed application of the Natural Form program I am almost entirely drug free, I sleep through the night, and best of all am back in the waves. James Gorman possesses a friendly, attentive, and caring manner which he applies with great focus to his clients, my wife agrees with this assessment as she is a client as well. We can't recommend him highly enough! ” - C Robb Worthington


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